About the School

Canmore Primary School is located on the Pitcorthie Housing Estate in the East of Dunfermline.
It was built in 1975 and is of open-plan design. It is a single storey building with three main teaching areas. Primaries 1 – 3/4 are accommodated in one large open-plan area, Primaries 4 –6 in a second open-plan area and Primary  7 in a suite of three semi-open-plan rooms (2 class rooms and a general purpose area). The school also has an IT suite.  An Assembly/Gym Hall, withdrawal rooms, TV and Music rooms and two libraries make up the rest of the accommodation.
The emphasis throughout the building is on the flexible use of space. The school has two hard-surface playgrounds and a playing field.
Our aim in Canmore is to encourage everyone in school to become confident, responsible citizens within a secure and welcoming environment. As a school, we nurture and support individuals to reach their potential as well as promoting wellbeing and celebrating talents and achievements. At all times, we strive to provide the highest possible standard of education to meet the needs of our pupils. We have a supportive Parent Council and an active Parent/Teacher Association. Parent helpers are involved in school on a regular basis. Canmore is firmly committed to an open-door policy and we welcome parents to school as equal partners in the provision of education for our pupils.  Our school motto is CAN 'do' MORE, CAN 'be' MORE!

Mrs L Howie


Mrs K McIntosh

Depute Headteacher

Mrs S Ewing

Support for Learning Teacher

Mrs L Davie

Primary 1a

Miss S Yorkston

Primary 1b

Mr A Palomo

Primary 2

Mrs S Greig

Primary 2/3

Mrs J Thompson

Primary 2/3

Miss M Shearer

Primary 3

Mrs S Heggie

Primary 3/4

Mrs T Wehmeyer

Primary 4

Miss J Graham

Primary 4/5

Mrs Haddow

Primary 5

Mr C Leitch

Primary 6a

Mr P Morgan

Primary 6b

Miss C Richards

Primary 7a

Mrs M Murdoch

Primary 7b

Mrs N Elvin


Mrs S Hay

NCCT Teacher

Mrs A Baxter

NCCT Teacher (Music)

Mrs A Christie

Pupil Support Assistant

Mrs P Henderson

Pupil Support Assistant

Mrs J Irvine

Pupil Support Assistant

Mrs V McCraw

Pupil Support Assistant

Mrs Y Mitchell

Pupil Support Assistant

Mrs I Richardson

Pupil Support Assistant

Mrs V Westwood

Pupil Support Assistant

Mrs D Yuill

Pupil Support Assistant

Mrs M Taylor

School Support Assistant

Mrs M Kernohan

Admin Assistant

Mrs K Walker

Clerical Assistant

Mr G Hepburn


Mrs J Anderson