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Good afternoon. What a wonderful first few days we have spent together in Primary 1! The children are looking so smart in their new school uniforms and have been proudly showing each other their new water bottles and school bags.
The class are already becoming aware of the daily routines and are settling in beautifully to school life. This week they have been exploring the classroom areas      (with the home corner, art area and small world areas being particular favourites so far).
We have also begun to get to know each other and after seeing photos of my family, the children were especially keen to tell each other about their families. I have invited them to bring into school a photo/photographs of their own family to display in the classroom ( please write your child`s name on the reverse to ensure safe return at the end of the term). 
Meeting their buddies today was a highlight and they are all keen to be with them again at Monday break.
I shall take this opportunity to ask if your child`s break- time snack could be placed in their school bag rather than in a lunch bag style bag. Often children confuse this for lunch. 
This term our P.E slots are on a Thursday and Friday. You may wish for your child to wear a polo shirt that day for ease of changing. Changing itself will be gradually introduced with only shoes being changed initially so don`t be too alarmed if clothes seem relatively untouched at first. We will buid up to a full change as soon as the children can manage.
Have a super weekend!  
Mrs Davie