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It only seems a few moments ago that the class were at the school door eagerly waiting to start the new term, yet somehow, here we are three days later - the week has just flown by! 

The class have settled in very quickly and are really enjoying their new class environment as well as reconnecting with their friends.

We have spent some time this week discussing our wellbeing and how we feel about the return to school. The class have responded fantastically and are very positive about their return to the classroom.

Also this week, we have touched on some Spanish, Numeracy and our new context for learning which will be Earth’s Materials (but with a twist). We will be combining our learning in this area with some learning about Digital Literacy where we will be looking at how technology and digital media is used to research and report the use, or misuse, of Earth’s resources.

By the end of the day I could see a few tired looking faces so I hope that everyone has a lovely relaxing, restful weekend and comes back on Monday ready for a new week full of learning.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Morgan