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This week we have focused on WOW words, adjectives and creating an exciting setting. We enjoyed our sensory walk around the playground, looking at our playground setting and thinking of interesting words to describe it. We then compared these WOW words with WOW words that we would use in a rainforest. The boys and girls did really well at using this creative language in their Big Write on Wednesday with lots of pupils trying to add adjectives to describe a spooky castle.

In numeracy, we have had fun doing mental maths rounding games with giant cards and most pupils applied this understanding to their written estimating problem solving activities.

The class have also enjoyed learning more about their specific creature and the different layers of the rainforest as well as playing a new game in gym called Danish longball. Can I remind you to pack another clean pair of socks in your bag in case we come in with wet feet which we will hopefully avoid!

Have a great weekend, 
Miss Graham