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Good Afternoon
First of all can I just say a really big thank you for sending all of the children to school on gym days in their outdoor PE kit. This has proved very successful in maximising their time doing PE. Current advice is that we should not do indoor PE, which means we might be outside when the weather is a little wet, or when it is damp underfoot. It would be really helpful for all children to have a spare pair of socks in their schoolbags in case of damp feet.
This week we have been creating our class charter together, and we are busy finalising our display so that everyone is clear about the expectations we have in our class. We have also been learning about the Learning Pit, and why it is good for our brains to find things a little challenging and tricky. We followed this up with a fun problem solving challenge so that the children could experience being in the learning pit, and develop some strategies for getting themselves out. I was impressed by the perseverence and resilience the children showed in this activity. 
The class have been learning how to round numbers this week, and we have also been learning how we can use rounding to get approximate answers, and thinking about real life situations when this might be a useful skill to have.
I have attached a picture of our water cycle in a bag experiments. The children have been learning about the water cycle - and I'm sorry if they are screwing up their faces a little at drinking water, but we have been discussing how they might be drinking what was once dinosaur wee!
With that charming thought I will wish you a lovely weekend.
Mrs Haddow