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This week, in writing, we focused on discursive essays and what a good one looks like. We created our own success criteria from this and then the children started their own discursive essays based on the question, ‘Should we have three day weekends?’ They will finish these next week. I’m very interested to read about their thoughts and ideas!

We had an absolute treat on Tuesday, with Homefront Histories taking over our full day. The children were so enthusiastic and eager to participate and learn. They got to examine and explore a fantastic range of authentic WW2 artefacts. The children got so much from the day and seemed to love every minute. I’d highly recommend it to anyone in the teaching profession! The photos from the day are on our Seesaw blog.

P7 continued to focus on photography in Digital Literacy, taking a range of photos including long, medium and close up shots. Have a look on Seesaw for the very artistic photographs!

We have finished division and have done a recap on using the four operations to work out calculations. This included the use of mental and written strategies. Next week we will move on to fractions, decimals, percentages and ratios.

Have a fabulous weekend, Mrs Forrest