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P6/7 continue to impress by working together with Mrs Forrest & P7, planning and organising the Macmillan Fun Day. We have been creating posters, signs and displays to raise awareness for the fundraiser. A wee reminder that if your child wants to take part in the Whole School Bake Off challenge, to upload a photo of them and their baking to SEESAW which we will print and display in school hall.  Remember! one lucky winner in the upper and infant cohort will receive a Head Baker badge! Will you be Canmore Primary School’s Star Baker???

In Numeracy, we have moved onto subtraction and have been trying out a range of mental and written strategies including using a number line and partitioning to figure out our answers.

In Social Studies, we have learned about the Moon Goddess Chang’e.  We discussed cultural similarities including how we have all looked for the Man in the Moon! The recipe for moon cakes has been shared and I would be delighted to see any home baking uploaded on SEESAW.  Next week we will be discuss lucky fortunes and all pupils will be given a sealed fortune cookie home with them to help them share their learning at home.

In Reading, we have read a delightful story called The Magic Paintbrush by Julia Donaldson. This has fuelled our imaginations to help us finish our own China Tales.  We have also been reading for information and taking notes to support our understanding.  Pupils have learned about the legend of the Four Dragons of China and how this links to the four main rivers in the country – please ask them about their learning the legend is very interesting. We have looked at the population of China and its many great cities. Some cities have a greater population than the whole of Scotland!

In RME we have been learning about Buddhism and decorative lotus flowers are also home with the pupils today.

Children have emptied their trays and have all their personal belongings and worksheets today that were completed during Term 1. Please quarantine these sheets for 48 hours before taking them out of the folder to keep in line with regulations.

Congratulations to our social target winners Caleb Reid and Rebecca Fett who have shown heaps of resilience this week. (It can be really hard to pick our class winners so we always take nominations then use a class vote).

Our class have really focused on developing ICT skills to help us communicate this term. Please get in touch before the holidays if you require password support in GLOW/ SEESAW/ SUMDOG.

As a small treat pupils had their ‘slippers day’ and Im delighted to say that the behaviour was impeccable and the day was enjoyed by all.

Thank you to everyone for all the help and support this term.  P6/7 are working incredibly well and achieving their targets especially with their times tables! It’s hard to believe the October Break begins next Friday! So we will make next week a happy and busy one!

Hope the sun shines for us all this weekend,

P67 & Mrs Watt