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It was lovely to see everyone back safe and well after the October break. It was also lovely to see that everyone was keen to get back into their learning again.

In literacy this week we looked at how to spot errors in handwriting. The class really rose to the challenge and were able to spot most of the mistakes. We finished off the week by writing some short spooky Halloween stories. Hopefully, we will record some of these to Seesaw for you to listen to. On the subject of Halloween, I hope that you enjoyed the photos of the class dressed in their spooky best!

In numeracy we looked at how to layout and add decimals with up to 2 decimal places. Some were even able to go beyond that! Well done everyone!

In digital literacy we have started to look at the use of spreadsheets and how we can use them to add money.

I can’t believe that the week had gone by so quickly! Have a great weekend everyone.