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Good afternoon everyone,

I cannot believe it is the end of the first term already. It has flown by! Mrs Greig and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all the children in the class.

This week the children listened to the last few chapters of 'The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark.' They thoroughly enjoyed the book and it has led to lots of fabulous follow up work.

Mrs Greig worked with the children on their drawing skills this week. All the children produced super barn owl drawings. They look just like Plop, the barn owl from the class story. The children then thought of adjectives to describe Plop and they created a display which looks great.

On Wednesday I worked with the children on using pastels to create pictures of different kinds of owls. The children thought it was going to be a tricky job but rose to the challenge. Look out for the fantastic results on Seesaw.

On Thursday the children were challenged to write a description of Plop the owl using the adjectives from their display and their knowledge of similes. I wanted them to focus on great description and also careful punctuation. They did not disappoint and have produced their best writing to date. Again, I will upload the end result onto Seesaw. I look forward to more super writing next term.

We finished off our maths topic on place value this week and will be moving onto addition as our starting topic for term 2. The children would benefit from continuing to practise counting forwards/backwards in steps of ones, twos, fives and tens.

All the children enjoyed the MacMillan fun day and represented their class well. Some of the boys and girls were lucky enough to win house points or even a prize!

Mrs Greig and I would like to wish all the children a lovely and very well deserved holiday. It has been a pleasure to be their teacher this term and we hope the enthusiasm for learning that they display continues into term 2.

Kind regards, Mrs Thomson