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Good afternoon everyone

A highlight this week was having our P1 class photo taken by a photographer from the Dunfermline Press. He took two photos of us, one was a smiley photo and the other was a silly face photo. We are excited to see which one will be chosen to feature in the paper.

This week we were also extremely excited to be introduced to our project for this term, ‘Our bodies’. We discussed how we can keep our bodies healthy and learned all about the important benefits drinking plenty of water has for our bodies. Following on from this, in Writing, the P2’s continued to develop their persuasive writing skills by creating posters to encourage others in the school to drink more water, which are already having a very positive effect.

In Literacy, we have been enjoying listening to and participating in a range of stories.  We have been learning to share our favourite parts of the story and give reasons for this. The P2’s have also been developing their reading skills by learning to choose the correct word to complete a sentence.

In Numeracy and Mathematics, P1’s have been helping Charlie Bear remember which days he has to come to school and which days he can stay at home.  We listened to and learned to recite the days of the week and created a visual chart with pictures to help him remember.  The P2’s have been continuing to learn how to subtract and have been working to develop our mental calculating skills by putting the biggest number in our head and counting back.  

Lastly can I just take the time to thank the P2's for all of their fabulous homework activities they have been sharing on Seesaw. It is lovely to see that you are continuing to enjoy your learning and working hard at home. Although I check your Seesaw journals regularly I will only be commenting on any homework activities on a Tuesday.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.
Miss Yorkston and P1/2