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Our P1-3 Reconnector today focused on Kindness and our 'Odd Socks' Anti-Bullying theme.  We learned about why it is important to show kindness wherever possible.  Through the 'Odd Socks' theme, we also learned that just like odd socks that are different on the outside, they are still a sock.  This is just like us, we are all different on the outside but are still boys and girls who should be treated the same.  We looked at what we thought 'Bullying' was and what we can do if we see it happening.  Ask your child about being an Upstander!
Our Social Target this week was 'I can think about others and do something to help or make them feel better.' Well done to Martha Graham, Sorcha Cowan, Aila Wilson, Isla Crawford and Olivia Yuill who are our Social Target winners for this week.
Our Social Target for next week is 'I can show kindness to others.' tying in with our Anti-Bullying theme.