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Congratulations to representatives from our Science Club who attended the Celebration of STEM event at Dundee Science Centre today.  The group had team challenges set by different companies and then the 'Charge!' challenge that they have been working on for weeks.  The group had to move bottles of water along a 3 metre track with a vehicle they had created which had gears and an engine which needed to be charged at each end of track.  The group managed to move 16 bottles of water over the 10 minutes of the challenge and won the 'Charge!' competition for the most!
Canmore also won the Primary School Team challenges for getting the most points for each challenge and showing good teamwork.  Our Social Target at school must have helped!  Well done to Alexander, Daniel, Gemma, Mackenzie & Rebecca.  A big thank you to Mrs Smithson and Mr Ritchie, without you, none of this would be possible!