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What a quick week that was! We have been super busy in the classroom with our learning and having lots of fun outside as well! 
We have been practising adding and subtracting  10,100,1000 from any number and when the weather has allowed; we have enjoyed playing some games outside to reinforce this. We have also introduced new strategies for Numeracy and the class have really worked hard at using the part/part whole method and the number line strategy to support their overall understanding of addition.

In Writing, we have been looking at skimming and scanning to create notes. This has helped us to highlight the main part of the text so that we can save time in our note taking. We have also looked at the layout of a non-fiction text and how that can be used to organise our work. Our lapbooks comparing the rainforest and our environment have benefited from this input as the children can now organise their lapbooks using the skills we have been focusing on.

We have enjoyed looking at symbols in RME this week and learning about different religious and community symbols. This tied into our remembrance input and artwork which I think you will agree looks amazing! What a great team effort! Ms Stewart has continued looking at what a good friend looks like in Health and Wellbeing and is enjoying being part of our class learning. 

It was lovely to speak to a few of you on Wednesday afternoon and I look forward to speaking to the rest of you next week!

Hope you have a great Friday and a lovely long weekend.

Miss Graham