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Thank you to all of our children, parents and staff for their efforts to ensure that our new measures and guidelines are followed.
At our reconnector sessions today we revisited the need to keep everyone safe with a particular focus on the beginning and end of day routine. We ask that parents reinforce the message to their children that once they enter the playground in the morning all pupils must remain in the playground. Children are to wait for friends in the playground also. Children travelling to school by bus must make their way immediately into our playground.
To ensure optimum supervision of our children we have staff members in the playground in the morning.
Waterproof coats and jackets-with our ever unpredictable weather all pupils must come to school prepared. A number of our children are coming to school wearing hooded tops as jackets which are not particularly waterproof.
PE kits-We now ask that children come dressed in their PE kits suitable for outdoor PE while bringing with them suitable indoor kit should the weather not be favourable. Your child will not need to change back into school uniform on PE days. National guidance around PE requests that, where possible, this will be delivered outdoors. Class teachers will have shared with you PE days. 
Water bottles- It is wonderful to see our children making healthy and positive choices. There are still a few children bringing in diluted juice to drink during the day. As a health promoting school we ask that pupils bring in water only for sipping during class time. Juice can be enjoyed at break and lunchtime if required.
SEESAW- The vast majority of our school are now very familiar with SEESAW and find it a very helpful tool. We will continue to use this as our main platform for sharing learning, celebrating success and to provide you with an insight into the classroom and learning. As the term progresses SEESAW will also be used to share homework tasks from P2-P7 to minimise resources being sent to and brought from home. Given the nature of learning and activities concrete materials will be issued for our P1 pupils at this time.
We continue to be thrilled with the efforts of our children and have enjoyed a wonderful 'Week Two'!
Many thanks for your continued help and support.

Kind Regards,

Laura Howie