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Good afternoon
It is hard to believe it is the end of another week already. It has been yet another busy week for all of us in primary 5.
One key highlight this week is that we have taken responsibility for organising this years Jeans for Genes Day event at Canmore. The children have been enthusiastically preparing for this. Everyone has a role to play in the organisation of the event, and we have been very busy designing and creating some fantastic posters, practising presentations and getting to grips with the technology of presenting powerpoints and videos. We have our fingers crossed  that this very wothwhile event will be well supported.
In numeracy we have been finishing off our place value topic with rounding of decimals and partitioning of numbers. The children have worked well on this topic, and are ready to move on to something new next week.
Our science topic of 'Water, Pollution and Conservation' continues to really engage them. This week we 'enjoyed' watching a video on how our sewage is cleaned, and we then had a go at filtering some 'sea water', investigating the effect of a variety of different filters. 
I hope you all enjoy a fun and safe weekend
Mrs Haddow