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This week has been all about tying up loose ends and finishing off some of our outstanding tasks. In Numeracy, the class were working on some revision work on a wide range of areas.  It looks like we need to keep up with some regular revision – or maybe it’s just that holiday feeling kicking in early!

In Literacy, we have started to write a letter to our new P1 buddies who will start in August. We had lots of good discussions about what our new buddies would think about Canmore and how we could make them feel happy when they come to school. The class are so looking forward to them being here.

In Health and Wellbeing, the class covered ‘Living and Growing’ and were all very sensible and mature about their learning. Sports Day was a great success and even though it rained for a short time, the class really gave it their all.  Alexander was so pleased to have finally won the class flat race. Lots of good sportsmanship was on display.

In Science, we have completed the final re-heat of our crystal solution and they will be ready to come home a few days before the end of term. Some of them are looking amazing! We plan to post photos and links to our SWAY presentations on how to grow a crystal on our SEESAW Blog so that everyone can share our hard work.

In Digital Literacy, we have been working hard on our ‘Quiz of the Year in P6b’. We have done this by using Microsoft Forms through our GLOW accounts. The class have really enjoyed looking back through SEESAW to review their learning and were very surprised by just how much we have done this year! We will make some links available to parents too just to see what you have remembered about what we’ve learned across all of the year. Again, links will be made available through our blog next week.

Mr. Morgan and P6b