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Ahoy there Parents!

This week we have been enjoying lots of Literacy and Art tasks linked to our pirate themed class novel. The pupils enjoyed creating their own version of the 'Pirate Captain's ship' at the beginning of the week and this sparked off lots of creative ideas in our writing. We also translated our spelling words into 'Pirate code' so that the scientists wouldn't discover our secret message. Lots of creative ideas and team work linked to this exciting reading focus!

In Numeracy, we have moved on to measure and we are focusing on length this week. Don't be surprised if your child begins to start measuring things around the home as we are really growing in confidence in using length. We have also been developing our skills in converting between different units of measure! As part of our logic and problem solving skills we have also been having head to head times tables battles which are proving quite popular and competitive.

In Science, we have continued to focus on gravity and have enjoyed creating our own 3D paper rollercoaster models. The children have some wonderful ideas for opening their own Funfair rollercoaster rides in the future. 

May I also give a gentle reminder here for those individuals who still have not returned their jotters. We have been gathering up our evidence of work on sheets as some jotters have not been returned and now we have lots of sheets that need to be organised. So it would be very helpful if these books would be returned before the end of term. Also a reminder if you have any donations for the food bank collection please bring them along next week.

Kind regards,
Miss Graham