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Primary three have been continuing to listen to the story of the Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark. They are becoming very good at sharing their favourite part of the story and giving reasons why.

The children also completed a writing assessment this week. This will give Mrs Greig and I the opportunity to see exactly what skills the children are needing to develop over this year to improve their written pieces.

In maths the children are still working on different aspects of place value. There have been opportunities to work with concrete materials so children can visualise the numbers. We have also been encouraging the children to read questions closely while carefully thinking about what the question is asking them to do. These small improvements to their working routine can make big improvements in their learning.

Art this week was based around the work of Paul Klee who is an abstract artist and we were looking at line and pattern.

The MacMillan coffee morning was a big success. Thank you to all parents and carers who baked or donated money to a fantastic cause.

Have a lovely weekend. Mrs Thomson