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Good afternoon!
This week the children have consolidated their understanding of the water cycle. They have made a water cycle in a freezer bag and have taken this home as unfortunately we have no windows in our area. The instructions on what to do next have been put on Seesaw. It would be lovely to see some photos uploaded to Seesaw once  the water cycle starts to happen in the bags.

The children continued to further their knowledge of the use of onomatopoeia in writing. In groups, they thought of words to describe the different sounds they would hear in the playground. They shared them with me and we created a giant sound map. The children then used the words to write a poem called 'The Sound Collector in the Playground.' Some of the poems have been shared on Seesaw.

The class have continued to develop their learning of place value in Numeracy. They have been working on counting forwards/backwards in steps of one, ten and one hundred.

We had a fire drill on Wednesday and the class conducted themselves very well. They evacuated the school in an orderly and sensible fashion.

Have a lovely weekend.
Kind regards, Mrs Thomson