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There have been a number of learning highlights this week. The children have been learning about the water cycle to help them understand how/why it rains. They watched a BBC class clip which explained what happened. They then had a super discussion about the process and asked lots of great questions too which helped develop their understanding. They finished off the session by completing a water cycle diagram.

We are hoping to continue our work on the water cycle next week. If it is possible, could your child please bring in a plastic bottle from home? If so, please write your child's name on it to ensure they get to use the bottle that they brought. The bottles will be quarantined in a box until Friday and they will also be wiped down with anti virus wipe before the children handle them again. Thank you.

On Wednesday the class created a beautiful rain and umbrella picture. They had to sketch outlines of the different parts of the picture, cut them out and glue them on to a background. The children then used brightly coloured pens to decorate. The results have been shared on Seesaw and are displayed in our classroom area along with some lovely rain poems.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Kind regards, Mrs Thomson