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Good afternoon everyone
What a lovely few days of warm weather we are having. I hope it keeps up for you for the weekend.
We have worked on counting in 2's,5's and 10's and some have worked very successfully doing patterns and sequences in our Numeracy this week. We will complete this topic next week.
I have implemented the new spelling words for the children to work on and will upload their words so they can consolidate their learning at home. We are working on handwriting skills to ensure writing is neat and letters are formed correctly. 
The children have listened to the story about Chaz the Chimp and have learned how they can follow Chaz's good example to ensure they are concentrating on all their tasks.
We have started individual personal projects this week. The children have chosen a country to investigate. Their work will be displayed on a workboard and they will share their results with the rest of the class during the last week of term. 
In Art we have created a Japanese lady bookmark. I hope you like them.
In Science we had lots of fun looking at the 'Dancing Marker Man.' Did he dance?  I am sure the children will be happy to share their results with you.
Our Reconnector today highlighted 'World Cleanup Day' on Saturday 19th September around the world so we are being mindful of how much litter we produce and how we should keep our environment clean and tidy.
Our gym days are now confirmed as Mondays and Thursdays. Please send your children to school on these days wearing appropriate outdoor gym kits.
Just a little reminder that our windows must be opened at all times so please send a jumper/ cardigan with your child as it can be chilly first thing. 
I hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Miss Shearer