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Our Reconnector this week looked at children's rights and responsibilities through the United Nations Rights of the Child.  We watched a clip about a brother and sister who were learning what rights they had and why.
We also listened to a story about a little boy who didn't feel safe until his friends came and supported him, being an upstander.  The children recognised that the boy had the right to feel safe.
Our Social Target this week was 'I can show kindness' and we recognised that many of our pupils do this all the time.  A special well done to Sarah Allan, Emily Watt, Emily Lyall, Florence Craig and Olivia Gibson, our winners this week.
Our Social Target next week will be 'I can include others' in line with our learning of children's right to feel safe and cared for.
With St.Andrew's Day on Monday, we also looked at who St.Andrew was and how we came to know about him in Scotland.
Have a lovely weekend and enjoy St.Andrew's Day on Monday!