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Congratulations to our new Junior Leadership Team!
Well done to everyone who put themselves forward for these roles, the standard was exceptionally high so we are delighted to introduce the team to yourselves.  Our first meeting is on Monday 21st September to discuss the Harvest Donation as part of 'Tackling Poverty' Week and how we will co'ordinate our End of Term House Treat for our classes in line with COVID measures.
Head Boy: Mckenzie King
Head Girl: Hannah Selkirk
Deputy Head Boy: Robbie Thomson
Deputy Head Girl: Delia Cornwill
Air Captain: Thom Scott
Air Vice Captain: Emily Hendry
Earth Captain: Sofia Ross
Earth Vice Captain: Cameron Hands
Fire Captain: Kayla Couper
Fire Vice Captain: Daniel Law
Water Captain: Coby Milne
Water Vice Captain: Freya Fisken
Air Ambassador: Megan Cant
Earth Ambassador: Alfie Meach
Fire Ambassador: Grace Battrick
Water Ambassador: Bailey Crozier