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This week the children have been learning about how Hitler managed to rise to power and his younger life. Children created a speech, pretending they were in the year 1939, warning Britain of Hitler. They have also created some fantastic sketches of him, portraying the emotion of guilt and anger.
In Maths, the children moved onto multiplying and dividing fractions. Some very challenging work that P7 coped with very well.

In Photography this week, we continued to focus on the rule of thirds and also tried to add a diagonal focus into our pictures. Some very creative images on Seesaw.

We had a Judo taster on Wednesday, which was fantastic. The children seemed to really enjoy this. The videos on Seesaw show the different skills they were practising.

We were very privileged to have Ewan Cootes to speak to the class. Ewan is a 17 year old who has been selected for the Youth World Championships of Ten Pin Bowling in Peru. He spoke about how he got into bowling, how he managed to get where he is and some of the skills required. The children asked some excellent questions.

Finally, we were very lucky to have Mrs McKenzie in this morning helping make pancakes with the children as it was Shrove Tuesday this week. The children had a ball making pancakes; some stating it was the best pancakes they’ve ever had!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Mrs Forrest.