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This week we have been using our persuasive skills to write a letter to  persuade Mrs Howie for a Primary 4/5 Christmas Party! We must have done a good job as NEXT Wednesday morning we will have our Christmas Party! After a hard working term Miss Graham is pleased that we will have this little treat.

In numeracy, we have continued looking at information handling. We have been focusing on tally chart skills, bar charts and pictograms. We enjoyed a fitness challenge to collect data and organised this information successfully in our following numeracy lesson. Linked to this we have looked at excel in ICT and successfully created charts to display our data.

We have also enjoyed reading Narnia and look forward to comparing this with the film version next week. Next Friday, we will be clearing our trays and sending some sheets/artwork home. Please ensure that this is left for 72 hours to keep in line with government guidelines.

Today we had a wonderful time dressed down in our Christmas jumpers and tried some challenging problem solving to link with the Twelve Days of Christmas song.

Have a jolly weekend,
Miss Graham