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Good Afternoon, 

We are getting into the festive spirt this week and have made our own Kindness Advent Calander. Everyday we open an envelope that we decorated to reveal a kind act for the day. So far we have been using our manners to say thank you to everyone, we have been picking up litter in the playground and doing a secret act of kindness. We are looking forward to finding out what will be our next act of kindness. 

We have also been enjoying a Christmas story book each day, the favourite so far has been 'The Christmas sElfie contest'. In discovery learning time have been making paper chains to decorate the class, we were all amazed that me managed to make the paper chain longer than the classroom area!

Another letter arrived from Katie Morag with the story 'Katie Morag and the Tiresome Ted'. Katie asked us to learn about toys in the past. We learned that most toys in the past were made from metal, wood, glass, ceramic and fabric. We each made our own cup and ball toy.

In Writing this week, we have been writing sentences about our favourite things about Christmas. We have been trying to use describing words as well as capital letters, full stops and using our sounds to help us spell. Some ideas were, sparkly decorations, fantastic family feast, beautiful baubbles, shiny presents and colourful christmas trees. Your child has uploaded a picture of their writing to Seesaw. 

In Maths, we have been learning to find two more and two less on our hundred squares. We have also been practising all our numbers to 100 skills we have been learning. 

This week's Social Target is 'I can include others'. Well done again to P2, I have seen lots of you trying hard to include everyone this week. Our Social Target Achiever this week is Lylah MacDonald, well done! 

Have a great weekend, 
Mrs Elvin