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Good Afternoon,
This term we are reading the Lighthouse Keeper books by Ronda and David Armitage. This week we read ‘The lighthouse Keeper’s Cat’ and we were learning to identify the correct missing word in a sentence.
In Social Studies we have been looking at needs and wants. We discussed that humans need food, water, clean air, clothes, medical care and shelter. However, we want lots of things like sweets, tablet computers, video games and phones etc. We also looked at different types of housing and households. We discussed what the word household means and the different houses in our streets and our neighbours.
In Numeracy we continued learning subtraction and have been practising counting backwards. We have been looking at how we subtract mentally. We have been learning to hold the number in our head and count backwards. 
Thank you for all the homework activities submitted to Seesaw, it is lovely to see all your hard work. Every Tuesday I will be checking Seesaw journals and leaving comments on any completed homework.
This week’s social target was ‘I can listen to others’. Well done to Owen Tomlinson, who is our social target winner.

Have a lovely weekend!
Mrs Elvin