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It has been lovely to to put on some Christmas music in the class while the children are happily working away at their personal projects.They are really engaged in these and are producing some superb work.There is a wide variety of topics the children are researching.

An awesome amount of £222.89 was raised by Primary 6 through the "Make Your Fiver Grow" challenge.  A magnificent team effort and everyone wants to say thank you to parents and grandparents for your wonderful support. So many new skills acquired and  lots of hard work by all six shops.

In writing we wrote a reflective piece on our Enterprise and it was great to listen to the positive comments everyone made before we started. We shared what we were selling and what everyone's jobs were in our shops. We also looked at things we could have done better and everything that worked very well. Great evaluations!

Huge congratulations goes to: Katy, Cameron S, Lizzie, Myla, Matthew K and Eva for being selected as Junior Sports Leaders after a very successful interview. All children confidently answered the questions asked.  We all had a lot of fun playing Benchball in PE this week and the scores in the two games were very close.

We worked together on finding different ways to to multiply numbers. Everyone found a way that worked best for them and there were lots of people helping others to understand all the strategies.

We are creating beautiful Christmas Robins from paper plates using a variety of art skills like constructing, zentangling, painting and embellishing. They will make a wonderful Christmas gift. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 
Mrs Wehmeyer