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It has been a very busy week in Primary 6!

We have now recorded all our videos for Seesaw and it has been uploaded onto Seesaw  alongside shops logos and some photographs taken during production.
A big thank you goes to Eva and Gregor for being responsible for recording the videos. A fantastic job! 
A superb effort has been given by each and every group. All your efforts and hard work have certainly paid off and I am a very proud teacher.  I am sure your parents will also be extremely proud of you. You all confidently spoke and explained what your jobs involved and you used clear, loud voices. I am sure the shops will be a huge success and everyone is very excited to start selling their handmade items.  

In Literacy we all applied for jobs in Santaland because Santa/Mrs Claus have a few problems this year with all the sick elves.  We really enjoyed writing our letters and explaining why we would be the best candidates for these jobs. We also wished them the best of luck for all the preparations for the BIG DAY.

In Numeracy we looked at multi-step word problems involving money and we are getting much more confident in showing all of our working out. We have to use all four operations to calculate the answers.

Mrs Wehmeyer