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Weekly Update P5/6

This has been a very busy week in Primary 5/6. During Literacy, we were focusing on suffixes as part of our spelling. We also created a diary entry recalling what happened in the last chapter of our class novel from the perspective of its main character Daniel. In our Big Writing, we wrote imaginative children’s stories for a younger class in school, we are hoping to type up and share these with Primary 2b next week.

The pupils were also working hard to create illustrations for their story during Art and were finishing off their imaginative book covers that are in the style of the cover of our class novel, The Nowhere Emporium. We also completed a design competition for Jeans for Genes day.

In Mathematics, as part of our Place Value topic, we have been looking at rounding and then applying our skills to estimate the answers to different calculations. We were also plotting numbers in the correct order along a number line. As part of this work, we went outside and created two human number lines.

During our Digital Technologies lessons, the pupils were creating more complex animations and games by combining their skills from the previous two weeks. Scratch is a free website that the pupils can access at home if you would like them to show off their skills to you.

Jotters went home with pupils today,  they should be returned on Monday along with pupils’ homework. This is also the last chance for the Primary 6 pupils in the class to bring back their applications to be a part of the Canmore Tech Team.  This is a fantastic opportunity for pupils to take on some more responsibility and develop a variety of different skills. The pupils that are chosen will receive some training in different websites and apps, be in charge of supporting some of the younger classes with their digital learning and looking after the different digital devices that we have within the school.

I look forward to meeting you next week at our first Parent Contact. Hope you all have a super weekend.

Mr Gray