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What a busy week in Primary 5/6. The pupils prepared and then delivered a fantastic assembly for Sports Relief highlighting the importance of the charity and everything that we can do to support it. The pupils also then helped to run different sports and activities in the hall for the other classes. All the pupils in Primary 5/6 and myself would also like to say huge thank you to Mrs Hay for all the effort she has put in across the school to arrange such a super week of activities and opportunities for Sports Relief to make the experiences so memorable.

In Literacy  the pupils used different texts taken from their favourite authors such as David Walliams, J K Rowling and Roald Dahl to create blackout poetry. In big writing we started looking at some different examples of report writing. We looked at what made an effective heading and subheading and how to write in the third person. Pupils then wrote end of term reports for themselves analysing their progress as if they were a teacher and thinking about what they had worked well at and how they could improve.

In numeracy and mathematics we have begun a new topic looking at measure. We started by looking at what the pupils already knew about measure and where they would expect to see measure in their day to day lives and in the world of work. Then we looked at how to measure the height, length and width of an object and selected the most suitable measuring implement. We also looked at how to make an estimate that is accurate.

In topic we used fruit to explore the sizes of the different planets and then we put our research into a hyperlinked power point that would teach someone else what we had learned about the solar system we also linked each of planets to useful websites that have helped us find out more about the solar system.

We have continued to practice Joseph and it is starting to look and sound amazing. We have also begun painting and design props and scenery.

Well done to all the pupils again for their fantastic assembly and I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

Mr Gray