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Primary 5/6 Weekly Update

During Literacy this week, we were looking at identifying the cause and effect of actions in a text. This led to some interesting discussion around some of the puzzles within the book such as why Ellie cannot leave the Emporium. In their Big Writing, pupils were learning about how to write effective dialogue and how dialogue changes within a story and a script. The pupils were able to suggest what characters might be saying in different situations and what emotions they would be conveying.

In Numeracy we finished off looking at fractions, decimals and percentages and put our skills into practice in a variety of different games and activities. We also recapped all the skills we had covered and had some additional practice to consolidate our understanding of how to find percentages of quantities and how to change between fractions, decimals and percentages.

In our Project, we started investigating the Appollo 11 moon landing and the pupils began to plan their own moon missions. The pupils were considering how many astronauts they would need, how they would get to the moon and what their mission objective would be. In ICT, we were learning to format and manipulate a picture. Using those skills, pupils started to create space mosaics out of a collection of space images.

In Art and Design, we continued to create our Zentangle patterns and in Spanish, the pupils were practising their talking and listening skills. This week, the vocab was themed around saying if you are unwell and asking for help.

Preparation for our performance of Joseph on Wednesday the 1st of April at 9.30am has continued to go well. We would be grateful if each pupil could bring in a carrier bag for next week to put their costume into.

Well done everyone for another great week!

Mr Gray & P5/6