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This was another busy week. Next week we are going to be growing crystals so if any pupils have any glass jars that they could grow crystals within, it would be greatly appreciated if they could be brought in on Monday. We are also still looking for any old white bedding sheets to make costumes out of for Joseph if anyone has any that they would like to donate.

In Music and Drama this week, the show really started to take shape. We worked our way through each of scenes so that everyone had a chance to see when they would be coming in and got familiarised with their parts.

In Mathematics, we continued to look at conversions. The pupils were practising changing fractions into decimals and percentages and towards the end of the week, they began to look at examples which required them to reverse the process and turn decimals back into fractions.

In Literacy and English, we were back looking at fictional texts so we returned to the Nowhere Emporium where we recapped the story so far and pupils were working on their recall skillsl. Pupils had to recall the key events in a chapter and then think about how they affected each of the characters that were involved. In Big Writing, the pupils created imaginative entries for the Reedsy Young Writers Competition about either 2 best friends or someone who was discovering something new about themselves. Next week we will look at turning these pieces of writing into scripts to continue to practise our script writing.

For tproject this week, we looked at the reasons why we send things into space and looked at what the astronaut Christina Koch had accomplished during her time in space. The pupils then wrote questions that they would like to ask Christina about her time in space. We then started to debate the pros and cons of space exploration and launching astronauts and satellites into space.

In Art this week, the pupils have started to create Zentangle patterns. They have been thinking about the small details that go into creating an animal, object or scenery and then trying to fill their scene with different patterns and shapes to give depth and excitement to their picture.

Well done to everyone for the effort that they have put in this week.

Mr Gray