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Primary 5/6 Weekly Update

It was a very exciting end to the week in Primary 5/6 as the pupils found out what their roles would be for Joseph. We would be extremely grateful for any costumes or props that parents could provide to help with the show. In particular any donations of any old white bed sheets that could turned into costumes for Egyptians would be greatly appreciated.

We are also still looking for large amounts of cardboard to help with the design of our scenery so we would still love to see any donations of cardboard boxes or large cardboard sheets.   

In numeracy and mathematics this week the pupils were learning to convert decimals, percentages and fractions. Our focus this week was placed on converting fractions into decimals and converting fractions into percentages. Within topic and science we continued looking at different aspects of space exploration. The pupils investigated how a rocket is made up of different parts, what a rocket needs to be able to successfully reach space and some famous things that have been placed into space by rockets. Pupils were also creating and designing straw rockets and were investigating what factors contributed to how far their rocket would fly.

In Literacy and English for reading the pupils were looking at identify the author’s purpose in writing a text and looked at different examples of texts and explained why they thought they had been created. In writing making links to work that we are doing in preparation for Joseph we began to look at the different aspects of writing a script. Pupils then had a go at creating their own script and in groups they were then given ten minutes to run through their script and see if they had been successful in creating a drama that could be performed.

A few pupils are also consistently coming to PE without an appropriate PE kit. Our PE days this term are Tuesday and Thursday so it would be greatly appreciated if you could check that your child has their kit on both of those days.

Well done everyone for a super week and I look forward to seeing everyone back again on Monday.

Mr Gray