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We have been working hard this week in primary 5/6. In Literacy this week as part of our Big Writing we completed the Scottish writers competition where the pupils were creating stories with the title connections. We discussed the different types of connections that exist and pupils created a really diverse range of stories based on those discussions. We also wrote persuasive letters to send out to local businesses to see if they can supply any cardboard to help us design the scenery for the set of Joseph. Pupils also worked on their prediction skills and were writing what they thought would happen next based off different scenes from book or images. Pupils were looking at using the context and the information they had been given to make a prediction that is reasonable and interesting.

In mathematics we continued to look at fractions and how to find different fractions of quantities when the numerator is larger than one we also looked at order and comparing fractions. In our topic work we explored the different phases of the moon and looked at how the moon changes over the cycles of a month pupils then created their own diagrams showing the cycle of the moon and began to create posters detailing other information about the moon. Pupils were also working in partners to create comic books that explore what space exploration would be like and teach others some interesting facts about space that they have learned from the topic so far.

In physical education we are still focused on badminton. Pupils continued  working on the accuracy of their shots, how they are serving through a number of different drills and activities.
As part of our Spanish pupils were practicing listening and speaking different language surrounding booking a room in a hotel.

In preparation for putting on our production of Joseph pupils have been sent home with audition parts. Pupils who are looking to audition for any of the speaking parts in the show should come in prepared next Wednesday lunch time to recite one of the three audition parts that are given on the sheet. A Youtube link to the song that pupils will have to sing as part of the Audition for the part of Joseph can be found at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0Pc50W2FnU

Well done to Primary 5/6 for another great week and I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Mr Gray