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Weekly Update Primary 5/6

It was fantastic to welcome everyone back this week and hear about holiday news. I hope everyone had a super Christmas and New Year and wish everyone all the best for 2020.

With the Scottish and Burns poetry competition coming up as homework the primary 6 pupils have been issued with a choice of two Burns poems to prepare to perform and primary 5 pupils have been given a choice between learning a Scots or a Burns poem. These have gone home in pupils bags today along with a letter for parents explaining how the competition works. Pupils should be prepared to perform one poem of their choice for the week beginning Monday the 20th of January.

This week the pupils started exploring their new topic. For this term we are focusing on investigating the Earth and Space. The pupils identified what they already know about the Earth and Space and explained what they would like to learn throughout the rest of the term. With that in mind we have started by exploring the solar system and identified how close different planets are to the sun and the effect this has on them.

In numeracy and mathematics our focus at the start of the term is on learning about fractions decimals and percentages. The pupils started this week by exploring what a fraction is, what a numerator is, what a denominator is, how to find fractions of shapes and we began to look at equivalent fractions.

In literacy as part of big writing the pupils were combining the week’s themes of poetry and space to create sonnets about going on a journey through space from the perspective of either meteorite or a rocket and considering how to describe the different things that they might see.

In Spanish we continued looking at different ways for asking for different foods and saying whether we like the food or not. In physical education we looked at serving and the names of the different parts of a court in badminton.

Happy New Year,  

Mr Gray