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This week we had a visit from the NSPCC to tell us about their role in helping to keep children safe, and in supporting children who feel they need someone safe to talk to. The assembly they delivered also focussed on children identifying who their support network might be, amongst friends, family and their wider circle of trusted people should they ever feel they need someone to talk to. The children listened really well to our visitors and were a credit to the school. 

In numeracy, we have completed our topic on time, however this is a life skill, so it would really support your child if you could continue to practise this skill at home in an everyday context.. Our next topic is multiplication and division, so please keep practising the times tables regularly. 
In literacy we have had a fous on synonyms in order that we could develop our skills in writing cinquains. This also involved us in practising using a thesaurus, and recognising that you have to select a word from a thesaurus carefully as not all synonyms work in every context.
In Spanish we are continuing to develop our confidence in describing the weather. We have such a variety of weather in Scotland that our daily weather chart should allow plenty of practise in saying the different types of weather.
In art we have completed our latest portraits in the style of Sandra Silberzweig. Through these we have been learning about line, pattern and colour and we have been looking at the colour wheel and learning about analagous colours - ask your child for more information! Hopefully we shall post some of these masterpieces on Sway soon.

Thank you for your support in returning the permission forms for Seesaw. If you have not already done so you can use the QR code sent home to access your child's learning journal on Sway.

Have a lovely weekend,
Mrs Haddow