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We have enjoyed another exciting Friday at Canmore this week! Today there was lots of buzz and excitement as we all came in dressed down in our sports clothing to raise money for Sports Relief! Throughout the day and this past week we have been completing different sports relief challenges/tasks and learning about this charity. A big thank you to Lewis and the sports commitee with Mrs Hay for organising our activities this afternoon.

This week in topic we have looked at the communication on board the Titanic, looking at using morse code and creating our own secret messages using this system. The children really enjoyed learning about morse code and have put some of their secret messages on Seesaw. In writing we used our knowledge and understanding of the Titanic launch to help us write a diary entry based on this event. The boys and girls really concentrated and tried really hard at this and Miss Graham has loved reading some of their accounts.

This week in numeracy, we have looked at division and continued to focus on dividing by 10,100,1000. Some pupils have been looking at sharing and grouping linked to division and we are slowly becoming more confident in this area.

Miss Graham enjoyed meeting with some of the parents on Monday evening and will see some more of you next Monday and Wednesday evening.

Happy weekend,
Miss Graham