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We've had a great week finishing off our magnetic games and toys as part of our Forces, Work & Energy topic. The children came up with some great ideas and worked through their design problems until a suitable solution could be found. The end results were very impressive. In Literacy, we have been looking at the use of (and often misuse of ) apostrophes in written work, in particular with contracted and expanded words. We practised our spelling words using a variety of activities, including pyramid writing and the use of mnemonics. In Numeracy, we were adding and subtracting tens and near tens within 20,100 & 1000. For Art we studied the painting 'The Magpie' by Claude Monet and followed his technique for creating different tones of white to paint our own wintry scene.  In ICT we have been developing the speed and accuracy of our keyboard skills using the program BBC Dancemat. So another busy week !!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend and keep warm !!