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The children may have mentioned that I was off school at the beginning of the week. I missed the class very much but I know that they were in very capable hands. This week in Numeracy we have continued to work with directions as well as practising our known times tables. Next week we hope to look at division. In Writing we have been continuing on from the opening of a story, working in paragraphs and including as much description as possible. Our regular handwriting practise in class is helping us to form all our letters correctly and neatly. Some of us are enjoying  joined up writing too. Our Dunfermline topic is coming to a close.The class were extremely enthusiastic and I think pretty proud of our 'wee toun'. And as a west coaster, I love learning more and more about my adopted home. Thank you to all the families that contributed with interviews, photographs, DVDs etc. Also thank you so much for all your kind Harvest donations. The P4 box is practically full. Can't believe we're nearly at the end of Term 1 !! Have a lovely weekend. 
Mrs Heggie