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We've had a busy week this week and everyone is settling back into class life as if we'd never been away ; although a few of us, including me, are struggling a little with post ' lockdown eating routines ' and are ravenous by lunchtime !! We'll get back into the way of things soon, I'm sure. The children will have brought home their gym kits this week and the new routine of wearing kits to school on gym days will start from Monday the 24th of August. Therefore for P4 that means  the children should come to school in their outdoor gym kit on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS and remain in it for the entire day. School uniform is still expected to be worn the rest of the week  ( Mon, Wed, Fri )  On Friday afternoons our class will be participating in ERIC ( Everybody Reads In Class ) and  the children are welcome to bring in any suitable reading material from home ( novels, comics, magazines, reference books etc ) and leave them in their tray until finished. No one else will come into contact with them throughout their stay in school. Alternatively, I have a small class library that the children can select a book from and similarly they will leave them in their trays until finished, where upon the books will placed in my Quaratine Box for 72 hours before being put back into the class library. Just a wee reminder that if you haven't already returned the NHS brown envelope for your child please do so asap. Thanks. As always, please do get in touch if you have any queries or concerns. Have a lovely weekend. Fingers crossed for sunshine.