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This week in Numeracy, we have been learning about 2D shapes and tiling. We have been naming the shapes circle, square, rectangle, triangle, pentagon, hexagon and octagon. We have been identifying the properties of the shapes for example how many sides, how many corners and if the sides are straight or curved. We will be taking our knowledge gain from 2D-shapes to learn about 3-D Shapes next week. 

We read the next chapter of the Hodgeheg and are happy to hear that Max managed to get home safely and his speech is back to normal. We finished our work on true, false and can't tell. We are now very good at telling if a sentence from the book is true or if it is false. 

In Writing, we wrote instructions for a cucumber and cress sandwich. We used our instruction openers to start our sentences for example; first, next, after, then finally. We used our instructions to make sandwiches and we all enjoyed tasting them. 

We have been checking again on our science experiment to see if any of our beans have grown. We were surprised to see that our plant in the dark is growing but it is growing yellow instead of green. 

In Phonics, we have been learning 'ow' as in snow. We also learned that this sound can be spelled in different ways. We can have 'oa' as in boat, 'oe' as in toe, 'o' as in go and 'o-e' as in broke. In our handwriting we have been practising the letter b. 

We have made litter posters for the woods so are hoping that the weather will be nicer next week and we will be able to take part in 'Wellie Wednesday'  on 18th March 1.20pm-3.00pm. I would very much appreciate if any parents are free to help. If you are available please can you let me know. 

The children very much enjoyed taking part in Sport Relief. We learned a couple of playground games from other countries. It was great to see the children all in their sports clothes.They every much enjoyed the sport session today. 

Please can you send in any empty 2L bottles for the class to use. 

It was lovely to see the parents that came to parent contact and to share all the progress in learning. I look forward to see the parents that are coming Monday and Wednesday. 

Have a lovely weekend!
Mrs Elvin & P2a