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This week we have been learning about measuring. We have measured classroom objects with cubes. We discussed how long is a metre then cut a piece of paper as long as we thought was a metre. We compared our papers to see which were longer than a metre and which were shorter than a metre. We have measured beanstalks with cubes and with rulers. We learned that there are a 100 centimetres in a metre and measured objects in centimetres. 

In Reading we have been learning about true and false. We had sentences about Chapter three of The Hodgeheg and we had to decide if it was true or false.  In Phonics we have been learning the ea sound and we came up with lots of words. We wrote an imaginative story about a hedgehog and the children came up with lots of ideas. 

We have been learning what a plant needs to grow and have been planting beans and cress. We have set up an experiment using cups, cotton wool and bean seeds. We want to find out if a bean seed will grow if it has no light or no water or too much water or if it's in the cold or if it is sealed in a food bag. We will be watching our experiment carefully to see what happens.

We have been practising hard this week for the Dance festival and the children did a wonderful performance. We look forward to performing the dance for you all on Wednesday at our Sharing the Learning 2.15pm-2.45pm.

Have a lovely weekend 
Natalie Elvin