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We have had a busy and exciting week learning about Robert Burns and all about a Burns Supper. 

We have been taking part in fitness circuits to increase the children's stamina and we have been learning about a healthy diet and the importance of eating at least 5 fruits and vegetables each week. 

In Maths, we have been looking at the place value of a number, for example 18 is one ten and eight ones.  We have been subtracting a 1-digit number from a  2-digit number for example 19-7.

Our new project this term is Our Environment. We have been asking 'What is an environment?' and 'What would we like to find out?'. The children are excited to learn about living things. 

Our Phonics sound this week was 'ff' and the children were able to come up with lots of different words with the sound.

In Literacy, we were creating colour poems and the children were using describing words to create a description of a colour. 

We are making bird feeders next week so if you have any yoghurt pots, please can you send them into school. 

P2a are continuing with our 'Wellie Wednesdays' next week (22.1.19) with a local walk to look for birds. If your child has a pair of binoculars, please can they bring them in for the walk. If you're available to help with the walk on Wednesday afternoon 1.20pm -3pm please can you let the school know by Tuesday. Children should come to school dressed for Wellie Wednesday in the morning.

We have been practising the poem The Siar Finger by Walter Wingate. Keep practising with your child over the weekend. I am looking forward to hearing each child recite the poem to the class on Monday (20.1.20). 

Thank you for your continued support.
Have a lovely weekend! 
Mrs Elvin