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What a fantastic fundraising event for Children in Need! Primary 2 did an excellent job of organising and running the event. We have been very busy all week making bunting and posters to decorate the hall and making all the biscuits and marshmallows. All the children had a great time taking part in the Big Move.

Another letter arrived from Katie Morag with the story 'Katie Morag and the dance class'. We enjoyed the story and were able to give our opinion of our favourite part. Katie Morag has asked us to learn some Ceilidh dancing so we have started to learn the St Bernard’s waltz.

We have been learning to add, bridging 10 for example 8+7, 9+6, 17+5 using our number lines, strategies of counting on and our ten frames to help.

‘Wellie Wednesday’ was spent outside in the school garden planning bulbs. The children learned how to plant a bulb and were digging holes for the bulbs, making sure that we had nice straight lines for Mrs McIntosh! We are hoping that the garden looks lovely in Spring time.

On Monday 18th November, as part of our outdoor learning, we are taking part in a Zoolab workshop on mini-beasts. The cost is £2.50, if you have not sent in the money please bring it in on Monday. Thank you for your support

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Natalie Elvin