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Good Afternoon, 

This week is 'Scottish Book Week' and we were very excited to receive our 'Book Bug Bags' from the Scottish Book Trust. We thoroughly enjoyed exploring the contents of the bag. 

We read the story from the Book Bug bag 'How many Trees'. We very much enjoyed the story and learned that it only takes one tree to make a forest. This led us to learn more about the Life Cycle of a tree.

We also recieved another letter from Katie Morag and a new book 'Katie Morag and the new pier' In Literacy, we sequenced the story into the correct order. We had to read the parts carefully and look at the pictures to work out the order. 

In our 'Book Bug' bags there are story cubes we talked about how you can use the story cubes to tell a story. In Writing, we used story cubes to create our own story. We wrote sentences about a character, the setting and an item. When we rolled the story cubes, our character was a wolf, our setting was a cave and our item was an old tree. We used adjectives to describe each part to make a story.

In Numeracy, we have continued our work on using the number square to find the numbers before, after, one more and one less. Keep practising at home. 

Katie Morag also sent us the story to watch 'Katie Morag and the Teacher. The teacher was retiring and we really enjoyed seeing all the memories the Island had of the teacher. We then looked at an information book called 'When Grandad was at School' we drew and wrote what school was like in the past. 

This week's Social Target was 'I can think about others and do something to help or make them feel better.' Well done to all of P2, I  always see them all trying hard to be kind and helpful to each other. This week's Social Target Achiever is Aila Wilson, Well done! 

We hope you enjoy the 'Book Bug bag' which have come home today with your child, 

Have a lovely weekend,
Mrs Elvin