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Good afternoon everyone,
What a fabulous week we have had in Primary 1/2. The children are continuing to listen well and work hard on all activities.
This week in health and wellbeing we have been learning about different feelings and emotions.  We read the story ‘The Colour Monster’ by Anna Llenas and learned that like the colour monster our bodies react to our feelings. However unlike the colour monster who turns yellow when he is happy, blue when he is sad, black when he is frightened or red when he is angry, we don’t change colour, instead our bodies react differently. We shared how our bodies react to our feelings, what situations make us feel this way and how we can regulate these emotions. It is important that children can identify and name their feelings and understand that their feelings are normal.

In literacy the P2’s have been consolidating their learning of the ‘sh' sound. After reading the story ‘Sleepy Sheep’ we identified a list of different words that have the ‘sh’ sound either at the start, in the middle or at the end of the word. We then used magnetic letters to spell some of these words and tried to use them in a sentence.

Also in Numeracy the P2’s have continued their learning about subtraction. We discussed the different words we can use to describe subtraction for example; take away, less than and minus. We have also been developing different strategies to use to support us, including using concrete materials such as our fingers and cubes.  

Can I take this time to remind everyone that our PE days are on a Thursday and Friday every week. As per previous communication issued by the school, children should now come to school on these days wearing their full outdoor gym kit as we will be doing P.E outside this term. Your child will remain in their gym kits all day so there is no need to provide a school uniform with your child.

Wishing you a lovely weekend!
Miss Yorkston and P1/2