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Good afternoon,

In literacy we will be learning to read and write words with the ou sound.
This will include the common words; out, about and house. We will also be improving our reading fluency by blending the first 2 letters of an unknown word when trying to sound it out.

In mathematics we will be learning to share groups of items by making smaller groups i.e halving numbers. By the end of the week most children will be able to recall that 1/2 of 4 is 2 etc. (up to 1/2 of 10 being 5).

Although P1`s are too young to enter the Courier`s `Draw your mum competition', we will all be creating portraits of our mums on Monday, to be displayed in the hall. In order to do this successfully, I ask that all children bring into class a photograph of their mum.

Have a lovely weekend
Mrs.Davie and P1a