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Good afternoon,

A highlight this week was receiving our Bookbug bags from The Scottish Book Trust. The books became our focus for Literacy learning this week.
On Monday we thoroughly enjoyed reading the first Bookbug book, `Brenda Is A Sheep`, and were entertained by the fact that Brenda was indeed a jumper wearing wolf with a cunning plan! The children sympathised with Brenda to such an extent that they asked me to facilitate them in writing an alternative story entitled `Brenda is a Wolf`, in which Brenda finally gets to eat the much desired sheep. 
On Wednesday we were surprised to discover that we enjoyed the second Bookbug book, `This is a Dog`, as much as the first. However this time we were not as sympathetic to the antics of the main character, Dog and rewrote the book without him!
On Thursday we used the third and final Bookbug book, `My First Book Of Birds`, to identify birds seen on our very own bird spotting experience outdoors. The children are looking forward to using the book again at home to identify birds in their own gardens. 
We hope you enjoy sharing these books, over and over again with your child at home.

Have a lovely weekend,
Mrs.Davie and P1.