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P7a have had a remarkable week of learning with the most impressive writing to date with adjectives, similes and metaphors all being transferred into big writing the children continue to raise the roof on their learning. (ask them about examples of these)

This will help as we take part in the latest Young Writers competition which looks at characterisation and short stories.

Jotters are home with the children today and whilst its only week 5 there is quite a chunk of progress visible, specifically with the quality, quantity and presentation of work - well done P7a - a really good starting point for the year ahead! Please return these on Monday to use in class.

Our China topic continues to engage and excite the pupils and we will be investigating famous landmarks next week.

Science we have been focusing on seperating materials and our experiments involved magnets, chemcial changes, physical changes (toast) and dissolving salt in water and then watching it separate through evaporation. Lots of scientific language and discovery in the classroom this week by our future engineers!

We will be looking at filtration next week so if you have any plastic bottles or sand please hand them in.

Our Genes for Jeans day was fun and it has been a great day for awareness.  Next Friday we have our MacMillan Coffee Morning.

We were short of a gym slot this week but thankfully its been a glorious Friday afternoon and the pupils have had a chance to get outside and exercise. 

I cant believe there is only 2 weeks of term left - if you are available to look after Yin and Yang over the holidays please contact the school office (they party hard but are quite quiet) All food etc is provided.

Have a fantastic weekend - please check out the latest learning on SEESAW

Mrs Watt & P7a